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Primarily began to watch this because of Denzel, then saw Matt and felt like I should continue. Completely worth the entire hour. Learnt from them, laughed at their jokes, and enjoyed their stories. I liked the point they made about becoming famous and how you don’t change necessarily, or the world. The only thing that changes is the way the world interacts with you and how you need to figure out how to adjust to that. Denzel as usual was everything and his point about being black, female, and dark skin was so relevant. John Hawkes was the only person I have never seen in a film but he spoke articulately and I saw some of myself in him, going to watch one of his movies soon. Also I don’t know how Jamie Foxx was incorporated here but he came off often like an amateur. Regardless, I appreciated this open honest discussion among very powerful successful men that was devoid of ego. 

“I read something great yesterday. It said, ‘Don’t aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference.” - Denzel Washington

He just gets better with time. Jesus.

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My favourite actor has a new movie coming out! As usual going to go see it by myself in the morning on a weekday. Excited! Now, if only Will Smith would quit with all the sequels and put out something original….